May 20, 2012

Bloody Mouthed Slowpoke by VL☾ΣRϟ

Bloody Mouthed Slowpoke, originally uploaded by VL☾ΣRϟ.


Anonymous said...

I want to contact the owner of PokeMag Blog in order to delete my previous comments on various posts of this blog.

Please can the blog owner give me his/her email or other contact information.

Sam said...

I am the owner. You can delete your own comments, I'm not going to go around the entire blog, tracking however many comments you want me to delete. And why would you want to do that anyway? This is hardly the sort of blog that lends itself to any kind of conflict.

Anonymous said...

I cannot delete my comments because I had deleted my account, so I am unable to delete any of my previous comments. I want to delete my comments because they show up when my name is searched on google. For this reasons, please delete my comments. Thank you very much for your help.

Comments that I want to delete: